Specializing in Progressive Precision Metal Stampings; from mass production utilizing high speed stamping to low volume stamping, Micro Forms, Inc. is an invaluable supplier.  We not only have vast experience, we also have great equipment, innovation, and the will to meet your needs.  Small metal parts manufacturing is special, requiring expertise with precision and attention to detail.  With 20+ presses (and supporting equipment) from 8 to 150 tons coupled with variety of speeds capable of up to 1,000 strokes per minute, and material capability from 0.003” (.08mm) thick, we have the right combination of equipment for your special metal parts.  Small parts stamping is not all we do but you will not have to wonder if we know what we are doing, from reel to reel stampings, flat springs, terminals, electrical contacts, or custom metal stampings, we can help!

Domestic stamping does not have to break the bank, our quality and delivery will save you dollars ($), euros (€), british pounds (£), dong (₫), forint (Ft), renminbi (¥), won (₩), or pesos ($).

Please let us quote your most challenging metal stamping needs.

  • Production quantities from single parts to 10+ Million pieces
  • Goal of a 24 Hour turnaround on quotes
  • Flexible Manufacturing Response
  • Contract Stamping – Short, Medium and Long Run
  • High Speed Capabilities
  • Progressive and Compound Tooling for most materials and all gauges from 0.003″ (.08mm) up to .150″ (3.8mm) thick
Precision Metal Stamping Products
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