Micro Forms, Inc. offers a wide range of high quality manufacturing-based services to meet our customer’s needs with proactive communication, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations.

Domestic fabrication does not have to break the bank, our excellent quality and delivery will save you dollars ($), euros (€), british pounds (£), dong (₫), forint (Ft), renminbi (¥), won (₩), or pesos ($).

At Micro Forms, Inc. we engineer quality, value, and profitability for all our customers.

Please let us quote your most challenging needs.

Precision Metal Stamping - Micro Forms, Inc.

Precision Metal Stamping

Small parts stamping is not all we do, but you will not have to wonder if we know what we are doing from reel-to-reel stampings, flat springs, terminals, electrical contacts, or custom metal stampings, we can help!

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Tool and Die Services

Tool & Die

Our experienced tool designers apply best methods in tooling to produce repeatable, close tolerance, quality metal parts.

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Manufacturing-Based Services

Co-Engineering / Prototype

Co-Engineering (or Value Engineering) is a key component that, when combined with the right supplier, can be the difference in a good design and a great design. 

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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

We know there is a lot more to sheet metal fab than meets the eye, but that the eye is the first test of quality.

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Value Added Processes and Services - Micro Forms, Inc.

Value Added Processes

It all revolves around Integrity and being true to who we are while serving our customer’s interest in the highest degree.

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