Total Quality Approach

ISO9001:2015 Registered

Everyone at Micro Forms, Inc. understands the importance of QUALITY as the basis of value exemplified by our ISO9001:2015 registered Three-Tiered TOTAL QUALITY APPROACH:

Quality Through Design

  • The application of our experience in the field of metal forming enables us to recognize critical areas of your part design. Micro Forms, Inc. will take great care in the tool design that will improve and impact end product quality of your designed part(s). Proper tool design including the use of in-die sensors, precision die shoes, and utilization of proper methods combine to enhance safety, tool life, part consistency, production uptime, and reliability of every aspect of the stamping process.

Quality Monitoring and Control

  • To further the consistency and reliability provided by our Quality Through Design approach there is additional quality monitoring performed in the tool and on the floor. This is achieved first through the use of in-die sensors that shut down a tool operating out of production tolerances. Second, every employee is committed to in-process quality control with at press inspection and commitment to our Total Quality Approach.

Continuous Improvement

  • We understand that every production process can be improved. Therefore, we continually strive to reduce waste, remove inefficiencies, and ensure total quality.